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Segev Kenner

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Our names are Segev and Yaniv, and Day-to-Day Heroes is our dream. We made aliyah from the US to Israel in 2013 and enlisted in the IDF. We both served in special forces units. During our service as lone soldiers, we quickly learned that there is a huge gap between what people in the US see about Israel’s security forces, and the truth. We teamed up with Ofer and Eden Salomon, the founding members of the non-profit organization “Gold Soldiers”. Together, we managed to build an all-star team of professionals who all share one goal: To bring to YOU the most high-quality, eye-opening, and in-depth perspective about Israel’s veterans that the world has EVER seen.

Yaniv Levy

Podcast Episode 1:
Former Israeli Paratrooper Tomer Bouhadana

During an intense firefight against the Hizbullah terror group in 2006, Tomer was shot multiple times. One bullet severed a major artery in his neck, and another punctured his lung. Despite his life-threatening wounds, Tomer continued to lead his men in combat. On the verge of death, he was then slowly evacuated to safety as enemy snipers tried to finish him off. As he was being wheeled off the rescue helicopter into the hospital, he saw journalists and TV cameras focused entirely on him. In a moment of clarity, Tomer thought: “There is no way I’m going to let Hizbullah win this battle.” In an act of defiance against the enemy, and with what little strength he had left, Tomer flashed the “V for Victory” gesture to the news cameras. This act quickly made him the symbol of the Second Lebanon War.

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Z: Former Officer in Israel’s Navy SEALS
Y: Former Senior Intelligence Officer
Z: Former Officer in the Givati Brigade
G: Former Police Explosives Expert
E: Former Sniper in “Duvdevan” Undercover Unit

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